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Overcome your business constraints

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals! Grow in stability, independence, revenue, profitability and relevance. Select below what applies to you: remove road blocks or organizational change.

Do you face road blocks in your business?

There are 6 typical constraints you as business can face. We offer targeted consultancy to resolve these constraints together with you.

For the 7th constraint, cashflow, we advise to hire a financial expert.

Hover over below constraints to see an explanation!

Vision clarity

Vision clarity

Develop a captivating vision, that not only empowers your leadership but also your employees and customers. Do you care about your business future? Then a clear vision is paramount. You will notice the difference!​

Leadership style and culture

Leadership style and culture

An organization can never grow beyond the limitations of its leadership. We work with you to implement a business culture and leadership style that empowers all stakeholders to contribute to your business goals, none excluded.



There is so much talk about communication, but what makes it effective? Key words are truth, integrity, autheticity, accountability, trust and respect. We work with you to implement a team contract that really delivers.

Role clarity

Role clarity

Employees often struggle with role clarity. Leaders often believe “employees will manage” or “sort the problem out”. Nothing is further from the truth as you need a culture in which role clarity can develop. We help you to implement this culture.

Conflict and discipline avoidance

Conflict and discipline avoidance

Oh we love conflicts! Right? Conflicts turn ugly when we avoid them. We help you develop a culture in which conflicts and discipline are seen as an opportunity to grow and improve. Unresolved conflicts are bad, resolved conflict leads to better results.

Policies, processes, systems and procedures

Policies, processes, systems and procedures

Have your policies, processes, systems and procedures become cumbersome? High chance you have developed these around “issues” in your company. We help you deal with the issues instead and simplify the red tape to bare bone.

Do you need change in your business?

Do you need more? We want organizational change to be available to your business. To empower you to grow into the future. We offer 3 options.

In case you need fundamental change, please check out our interim management option.

Build high-performing teams

The dream of business owners: to have a high-performing team!

The team runs itself, improves itself and when needed reinvents itself.

We have a practical program to implement a new foundation in your business to allow this high-performing team to form, grow and bloom.

Develop new partnerships

What if you could harness all the creative power in your extended network, beyond your business?

We empower you to combine your business, who you are, your network, talents and competencies, the needs and wants of customers and the themes and projects into new partnerships.

Ready for the future!

Connect the generations

The generational gap is widening. Generation Z, baby boomers, digitalization, the silent generation; quite some complexity to navigate!

How to deal with those gaps?
How can we utilize new ways of communicating with each other?
How can we build on the previous generations?

We help you to connect the generations.

How does our consultancy work?

Accountability is key to us, our consultancy is focussed on delivering a solution for you, time-limited and cost-effective. We have a three-step approach to come to a plan fit for you.

Introduction meeting

First step is a free introduction meeting to talk about the issue you want to solve.


Next step is that we do a quick scan to deeper understand the dynamics of your issue.

Receive plan

Last step is that we come up with a roadmap how to navigate through your issue. This plan always has a beginning and an end as well as a clear cost estimate.​