How to lead?

The leadership questions

Why am I not seeing the breakthrough in my business? How should I lead my business and my team? Should I be visionary, servant or action oriented? What shall I do, or…, not do?! Who can I trust? Who is my leadership potential?

We assist you with the leadership method, the plan and tools to:

  • Lead strong with vision,
  • Adjust your leadership style according to the stage your business is in,
  • Remove constraints,
  • Implement a high-performing culture,
  • Build a high-performing team,
  • Increase business performance with your team,
  • Have fun!

The leadership method

5-Steps to build a high-performing team

Our unique 5-step method is a journey from vision to action to continuous improvement. To become the leader you want to follow. And to build the best team, making sure all take full accountability of the relationships and transactions; as-one. Empowering leadership for breakthrough!

1. Visionary
Leader casts vision

Begin to talk to each other openly and honestly. Discomfort is removed and trust is developed among the team. Anxiety is eliminated.

2. Cohesive
Leader serves the team

Start accepting one another and each other's roles (even though they might not be clearly identified yet) as trust is further developed and cohesiveness takes place.

3. Functional responsibility
Roles and responsibilities connected through relationships

Each person accepts responsiblity for his or her own thoughts, feelings and actions. Each person’s role is clearly identified. Team members become concerned about each other, their departments, and their feelings, not just their own.

4. Relactional
Relationship and transaction come together

The relationship gets the job done. The team can examine individual, group and organizational’s concerns free of fear and threat.

5. Continuous improvement

Groups and individuals pursue better thoughts, feelings and actions as a group and as individuals both inside and beyond their group. The team has become high-performing.

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The leadership plan

Lead from vision to action

As LYDIA Connect we believe businesses should lead from vision. Therefore the first step in the plan is to ensure a strong and clear vision exists! Then we can build it further.

The aim is that all actions taken in our business are aligned to the vision. Which also means that all actions not aligning to the vision should be eliminated! The tool used here is called VPMOSA.

  1. Vision – Where is your business going?
  2. Purpose – Why is your business here?
  3. Mission – What sets your business apart? What are you willing to do that no one else will do to fulfill your vision?
  4. Objectives – Identify 2-3 objectives that you want to accomplish in the next 12-18 months to move you towards the VPM (Vision, Purpose, Mission).
  5. Strategies – Identify 2-3 strategies to fulfill each objective.
  6. Actions – Identify specific actions needed to meet each strategy within the next 12-18 months.

You will notice when you create a VPMOSA, it becomes very clear in your business what fits and does not fit, what should be done and not be done, even who should be here and who not.


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The leadership tools

Empower your team

Our purpose is to empower you to build a new leadership culture in your business for growth, with a powerful increase in performance and healthy relationships.

LYDIA Connect uses a wide variety of methods and tools from different sources, including in-house developed tools. For the leadership elements, we use Transformational Leadership (TL) from Ford Taylor. Our main toolbox is based on TL.

Why do we use TL?

TL is for anyone who wants to understand how to identify, address and remove personal, family, team, organizational, national and systemic constraints that stops transformation from occurring.

Removing these constraints allows transformation to occur and encourages healthy, trusting relationships to grow. This will result in improved morale, increased productivity, sustained profitability and cultural change.

We offer the TL-training with the related toolbox for your team to use every day, click “TL-training” for more info.

LYDIA Connect is part of the international certified TL-trainers team and has a full license to deliver consultancy services.

TL is a unique training with 44 tools which are easy, practical and ready-to-use.

These practical tools cover a wide range of leadership issues. The leadership topics are carefully selected and put together taking years of practical research across different business settings in different countries, often in turnaround scenarios. The topics are recognizable and part of day-to-day common practice in many (business) organizations.

LYDIA Connect is part of the international certified TL-trainers team and has a full license to deliver consultancy services.

TL is recognized by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) as an official training program.

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