The art of leadership

Scary! I just read a leadership article mentioning that “leadership is the art of seduction”. Wow, it could not be more off to what I consider to be true leadership.

I believe is that love is the key. It truly is! To look the other in the eyes and fire up your desire to get to truly know them. What motivates them, what their TRUE passions are, and also where they were hurt.

My first focus as leader is people. To support those who I am accountable for, to connect to their true self. If we do, their passion will flow to do what they are designed to do. That way, as leader we build leaders.

Secondly, my role as leader is to build a culture in the organization where people can thrive. Where there is safety, mutuality, growth potential and a healthy challenge.

Thirdly, by leading them on the way towards the vision we have jointly set. Keeping a good eye on the mission we fulfill every day with accountability and fun.