Leadership for business growth

Save trouble and get results by growing your business in 5 steps using our proven method


Our purpose is to empower you to build a new leadership culture in your business for growth, with a powerful increase in performance and healthy relationships.

We offer two types of training: short masterclasses and a multi-day training.


Do you have limited time available and want to be trained to resolve a particular issue? Then our masterclasses are for you.

With our masterclasses we deep-dive into a topic for 3 hours. Our time together will be very interactive and time constrained. You will walk away with a lot of knowledge and tools about the subject.


Is your desire to understand how to apply leadership for business growth? Then our multi-day “Transformational Leadership (TL)” training is best for you.

Our training gives you all the keys and tools to transform your business. Depending on your requirements we offer two flavours, a full two-day training or 7 half-day sessions.


We offer 7 “deep-dive” masterclasses. The duration of the masterclass is short, 3 hours, and can be held at your office location, a remote venue or through a Zoom session.


Transformational Leadership in 3 hours

Does your business need to change, but you do not know how? Are you wondering whether “Transformational Leadership (TL)” can help? Then we invite you to follow our mini-TL-training.

It is an excellent way to get to know some of the core elements of the full training in just 3 hours. In this very short amount of time, you get an idea what you need to do and how you can initiate powerful change.


  • How your identity and personal leadership influences the business culture;
  • How your business culture influences your business growth;
  • How you build a strong team.

You will receive the tools to implement what you have learned.


Team culture for lasting growth

Do you want lasting growth but is it hard to achieve? Is the change you desire difficult to realize? Change is challenging for most people and often leads to conflict. Is this your struggle? Then this masterclass on team culture is for you.

Discover how to create a positive team culture that enables your team to resolve conflicts and jointly realize change. This builds capacity in your team that leads to growth and continuous improvement.

Learn how to create a powerful infrastructure for change in your business:

  • Gain insight into the dynamics of change;
  • Determine the desired culture with your team and record the agreements in a team contract;
  • Implement the changes for lasting growth

The outcome is a team that supports each other, holds each other accountable and searches for growth and continuous improvement. Take part in our masterclass and discover how that works.


Personal leadership

Do you want to know which leadership qualities you need to grow your business? Then this masterclass is for you. Our saying is: “An organization cannot grow beyond its leadership”.

In this masterclass we will discuss your development as a leader. At the end you choose in which areas you want to grow. You work this out in an action plan.

Learn to look at yourself:

  • How we as people learn and think from our own unique history;
  • Why anger arises;
  • Self-identity and the role of feedback;
  • How to take responsibility for your own thinking, feelings and behavior.

Take part in our masterclass and discover how you can grow as a leader, so that your organization can grow too.


Clear and effective team communications

Is communication in your company troublesome? Do you ever wonder why you just can’t agree with each other? Are you looking for the right way of communicating within your company?

In this masterclass you will gain insight into the underlying causes and the tools to communicate well, especially in difficult situations, for example:

  • How do you talk to each other in conflict situations;
  • How do you deal with (extreme) relational and transactional people;
  • The five languages of appreciation in the workplace;
  • How a first impression works and how to fix a wrong first impression;
  • Dealing with angry people.

With 11 simple tools you teach your team how to become more powerful with clear and honest communication. You learn how to strengthen relationships and how to repair damaged relationships.


Organizational leadership

Do employees struggle to fulfill their role? Or do employees have difficulty in shaping their new position? Then they probably struggle with a lack of clarity within the business.

As a leader, you remove this ambiguity by applying the indispensable ingredients for good leadership: establishing and casting vision, jointly propagating the mission and building the team capacity to perform optimally. With the aim that every employee in his role can take responsibility and lead.

These are topics that will be discussed:

  • The goal of leadership;
  • The qualities of a good leader;
  • The indispensable ingredients for leadership;
  • Method for effective meetings;
  • Dealing with customers and other stakeholders, especially in difficult situations.

Through insight and tools you teach your employees to take responsibility and lead from their own position.


Organizational growth

Do you have employees who do not take initiative or responsibility? Do you have employees who negatively influence the culture of your business? And is the growth of your company stagnating? Then you need the 5-step method for business growth.

In this 5-step method you will work with successive organizational models. You learn how these relate to different leadership styles, from strong control to empowerment and letting go. This way you work towards a high-performing team. Fundamental decisions are necessary in this process, for example for employees who show undesirable behavior.

These are the main topics that will be covered:

  • Five organizational models, from visionary to continuous improvement;
  • The requirements for a high-performing team;
  • Building a high-performing team using the 5-step method.

 You achieve continuous improvement because every employee participates in the joint strategic direction. Then work, planning and fun go together and are automatically followed by profit and growth.


Making “leadership for business growth” lasting

Have you gone through the steps for business growth but are team members left behind who do not go along with the change? Are initiatives and plans of employees not being implemented? Do you want an enduring culture of initiation of change and leadership by every employee?

Cultural change can only take effect permanently if it is embraced and empowered by the team. To make good use of this change process, you coach your team by having each individual draw up an action plan. In this way you empower your team to take personal responsibility and become the authentic leader they want to be. Then it becomes possible that the achievement of personal goals and the achievement of organizational goals go together.

To become a good personal leader and to find your own place within the team, these are the most important keys of this masterclass:

  • Clear long-term planning;
  • Accountability to teammates;
  • Have no trouble with a certain degree of transparency.

 The result is that the team members each take their place in the business and motivate themselves to jointly stay on course.

NB: We strongly recommend that you first follow the masterclass “Organizational growth“.


Our Transformational Leadership (TL) training helps leaders who want to grow their business. How? By solving personal and organisational constraints, increasing your influence as a leader and by building a strong team.

In this training you get the practical tools that cover a range of leadership issues. These leadership topics are carefully selected and put together taking many years of practical research across many different business settings, often in turnaround scenarios. The topics are recognizable and part of day-to-day common practice in many (business) organizations.


TL is a unique system and toolbox with 44 tools which are easy, practical and ready-to-use for every single day.

At the end of two days, you will have completed all the Transformational Leadership training material by practicing the tools and you are equipped with a handbook and an action plan to confront almost every issue at stake in your business.

TL is recognized by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) as an official training program. LYDIA Connect is part of the certified trainers team and has a full license to deliver consultancy services.
We offer two different training methods as listed below.

All our prices are excl. 21% VAT.

What can you expect?


Powerful increase in personal capacity


Healthy relational growth


Teams that flourish on a higher level


Sustainable and measurable business growth

Training topics


Setting the foundation

strategies for change, culture, relational & transactional, social covenant, how we treat each other


Organisational leadership

dealing with conflicts, meeting interaction, definition of leadership, purpose of leadership


Looking at ourselves

learning model, thinking model, core beliefs, self-identity, feedback, personal responsibility and growth


Organisational growth

development of organisational models, high performing teams, discipline model, theory of constraints


Building communication

the bridge of transformation, how our brain works, first impressions, listening model, communication model


Moving forward

your mission in life, how to prevent failure, building and maintaining energy, Bumper Buddies, action plan

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What are others saying about our training?

How to handle change

Are you a leader and do you want change for yourself or your team? And you don’t know how to handle this? I would say: participate in this training. It will really help you further!

Annemieke van Hulsbergen, Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek


The Transformational Leadership training gives a positive impulse for more decisiveness in your work environment.

Frank Weening, Dutchblower


Transformational leadership is to put it modestly, a tremendous book and training that we apply on a daily basis, personally as well as professionally. For me it has been a revelation and I appreciate LYDIA Connect for this awesome knowledge.

Moses Kamau

Incredible personal transformation

The personal transformation has been incredible and has made the professional transformation even more powerful.


Deep impression

Sometimes you have those training courses that leave a deep impression on you, simply because they help you to shed a light over all your business activities and to proceed from a clear vision and strategy. That was the Transformational Leadership training for me. With the right focus I can now continue to build on my new company, my team and myself.

Marije van den Berg, author, speaker and event coordinator

Updated website! *new services*

The last couple of months we have further developed our training services and launched new coaching services.

The key learning after the startup was the need for coaching. The way we have developed the coaching services is to use building blocks from our training services. That way we ensure that we can fulfill our vision.

Enjoy browsing the website. More additions will follow later.

Have a wonderful day!

Dealing with constraints

Once we learned to deal with constraints, we’ve been able to move through difficult situations much more effectively with little to no down time. It is now much easier to deal with tough customers and employees—and every company has them.


New kind of leadership

I was blown away how total commitment to transparency combined with openness, warmth and a clear strategy makes business leadership so successful. Never before in my life did I experience this kind of leadership and I could immediately connect.

Swantje Schmid

Good Intentions!

We all know that feeling at 1st of January, after we have done the “lots”: eat a lot, stay up a lot, drink a…

Enough! We want to improve our life! Recognise it? I do! A lot… So we start with Good Intentions. Dieting, sports and many more plans; being though on ourselves.

Around this time, halfway January, the chance is that we have broken some of these Good Intentions already. And by the end of the quarter we feel we are back at square one. Recognise it?

What if there is a way to implement Good Intentions more easily? What if there is a Magic Bullet to actually Change Your Life? This Magic Bullet is called “Discipline”. You may think this answer is ridiculous, but stay with me…

What if we change our perspective on discipline? Often we think of discipline as punishment, being hard on ourselves, not having fun… We want to change that perspective: from punishment to training. Our LYDIA Connect definition of discipline is: “Training to elicit a certain pattern or behaviour”. Let’s elaborate on this a bit with an example.

Lets face it, going on a diet is punishment if you ask me… However, what if we rephrase it to something that does change our behaviour? Instead of “going on a diet”, we say: “I want to be able to move freely, have more fun and energy; to reach that I need to get rid of a couple of kilos”. Then we train ourselves to reach the goal of having more fun! Or would you rather punish yourself bashing kilos?!

As always, who writes this is also preaching to self! So, stand with me to change our perspective and train ourselves. I want more fun and energy, you too?


Being a pioneer involves breaking through walls and barriers, you got to have tenacity! But the joy, oh the joy!

Are you affected by a crisis?

Never waste a crisis, it is an opportunity to learn and grow!

Tiemen Fahner

Do you see it?

Often we are so in the moment that we cannot really see what is going on, especially when under pressure. That is why we advise you to keep asking for honest feedback from your team, peers and leaders to keep improving. Not all feedback may be true, but all feedback is relevant!

You have to see it (knowledge), in order to own it (attitude) and then you can change it (behaviour)! All change starts with seeing it! Even stronger…, no relational or organisational change will happen without: see it, own it and change it.


Brilliance is pretty much always risky!

Best year

I was so positive about the book that together with the whole management team we did the Transformational Leadership training. As a team it improved our relations and we ran the best year in our whole existence.

Alef Meulenberg, Chairman and Founder at Rhiza and Co-Founder at Township Fleva

Unavoidable change

“Over time, I have learned two important lessons: 1) all personal feedback is relevant and 2) change seldom occurs until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of changing.” – Ford Taylor (Transformational Leadership)

LYDIA Connect registered!

Our company LYDIA Connect is now officially registered since 20 April 2018. We are honoured to offer you four services: transformational leadership training, export readiness training, consultancy and events. Stay tuned!

Why is our company called LYDIA Connect?

Do you know that feeling? Staying within a confined space where what you need is lacking?

It is time to explore the changes you desire in order to be an authentic leader!

As a trades person, the woman Lydia from Thyatira who lived around 50 AC decided to move to Philippi, a Roman colony and trade city in Macedonia. The reason for doing that was marketing; the Roman emperor had decided that only high Roman officials were allowed to wear purple. To sell the precious purple of her city Thyatira, she decided to move to Philippi, the place where she could reach her customers, the high Roman officials. Philippi was a Roman colony on the major east-west trade route, the Egnation Highway, between Rome and Asia. Lots of tradespersons traveled behind the Roman army at the Egnation Highway and brought products into Rome and further into the Roman empire. Lydia made a very strategic choice to settle in Philippi and soon she sold her purple to the Roman court and developed friendly relations with people from the Roman court. Besides the spatial borders she also went beyond personal constraints, attending gatherings where she met new people and was exposed to new ideas and beliefs. We believe Lydia was a woman of exceptional leadership, intentionally delivering generational business.

We want to connect you with this kind of Lydia leadership, healthy leadership, delivering good solutions, improving this world and providing generational continuity.

Join us!

More profitable

One division which recently completed the TL-training was more profitable in one month than they did in the previous eight months prior to the training.


Always be honest

There is no worse mistake in public leadership than to hold out false hopes soon to be swept away.

Winston Churchill

Target audience

Business leaders! CEO’s, executives, managers, employees and entrepreneurs. This is for anyone who wants to understand how to identify, address and remove personal, family, team, organisational, national and systemic contraints that stop transformation from occurring. Removing these contraints allows transformation to occur and encourages healthy, trusting relationships to grow that will result in improved morale, increased productivity, sustained profitability and cultural change.

Trainers team

LYDIA Connect is part of the international Transformational Leadership team. This team is comprised of executives who have spent years refining and developing their relationship skills, training methods, and business models. The team includes presidents, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs and consultants who have broad expertise in sales, marketing, operations, finance, and human resources, as well as extensive experience in team building and training.

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